Do you want to experience convenience and comfort from the very moment you set foot in your home? If so, a smart home is the answer! In fact, many people in South Africa are realising the benefits of transforming their regular home into a “smart home”.

What is a smart home? A smart home is a home that is embracing technological advancements. This means that various devices, systems, and appliances are connected to a network throughout the home, and then custom programmed and remotely controlled. Most devices, such as the television, security system (cameras and alarm), household appliances (kettle and washing machine), blinds/curtains, heating/cooling system, audio system, and various other components, are all easily controlled by voice commands or the click of a few buttons.
Luxurious, convenient living is now possible in the everyday home. As smart home technology changes and advances, the lifestyle that it provides is set to do the same. What’s considered impressive home automation now can only be improved upon – think of the future!

The Top 6 Advantages You Can Expect

1.  Control all devices and appliances in the home from one place. This saves time and adds exceptional convenience to the home lifestyle. Now, you won’t have to walk upstairs to turn off the bathroom lights. You can press a button and it’s done!

2.  Enjoy household insights. Yup, that’s right! Insights aren’t only for business marketing purposes. With the tap of a button, you can be provided with your household stats. These tell you which appliances are used the most, where most of your energy consumption is going, which lights are on for longer, what types of foods you have in your fridge, which television programmes you watch, and much more.

3.  You can quickly and easily upgrade the home with minimal effort. New technology and connected devices are bound to be introduced in the years to come. Smart home systems allow for the inclusion of new devices and technology with great ease.

4.  Enhance home security. While you can manage and control your security system from your main system, you can also keep an eye on your security remotely. Check on the surveillance cameras while you are at work, ensure that the doors are locked once the kids are home from school, and even check to see who paid a visit to your home during the day.

5.  Have your home work for you. By setting up your smart home system, you can enjoy settings that are designed to improve your quality of life. You can return home to the lights on and dimmed, the hi-fi system playing your favourite music, and the blinds already drawn.

6.  Save on electricity. When you set your lights to switch on and off at the best possible times, you can avoid overusing power. You will notice this on your electric bill at the end of the month.

Heard Enough? Get Your Own Smart Home Now!

Are you tired of living a humdrum lifestyle? Do you want to live the convenient and luxurious way that the rich and famous do? Now is the time to invest in a smart home. To learn more about smart home systems, we strongly recommend that you consider Control4.