The new Control4 Composer Express app for iOS and Android is a powerful, portable systems configuration tool for Control4 dealers, which will simplify and accelerate the setup process for home and business automation systems. After downloading the app, an authorized Control4 dealer will be able to quickly and easily identify Control4 hardware, register the Controller, update the system OS, create rooms, make control and AV connections, and test the system to ensure that everything is properly connected and configured, all from the palm of his or her hand.

Composer Express is a productivity tool that gives dealers quick access to the most commonly installed drivers, and also enables them to rename and move devices within the system. An advanced Network Status Tool within Composer Express also allows them to view online, offline, or non-identified network devices, monitor signal strength, and efficiently identify any non-identified network devices.

From the app, dealers will also be able to modify some advanced properties of connected devices, e.g., defining the button-press behavior of dimmers, switches, and keypads. The app also allows for programming of basic automated behaviors, such as timers, and will be continually updated to bring more functionality.