When you think of Control4, you probably think of home automation and all the intricacies that make the blinds open and close, the alarm system automatically set, and the lights turn on and off. You probably don’t think that a Control4 home automation system can actually create a home entertainment setup that’s wow-worthy, do you? Well, we are here to tell you that it is indeed possible to use Control4’s home automation systems to take your home theatre system and overall home entertainment capabilities to the next level of wow. Once your family, friends, and neighbours see what it does for your home, be prepared for them to want it too!

To know that your home theatre system and other home entertainment components are worthy, you need to focus on a few areas or key elements. This is where Control4 shines. This particular home automation system is able to make all the key elements of a fantastic home entertainment system absolutely simple to achieve. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself. Below are two key elements of a phenomenal home entertainment system and how Control4 can assist you with them:

• Everything-in-one-place controls

No one wants to be hunting for the remote controls for the dimmer switch, the volume, the entertainment system, or the alarm system that’s suddenly going off in the middle of a party. The less effort required to set the mood, adjust the volume, change to a new music video, and get all the other devices in the home to simmer down and behave, the better. Control4 provides one user-friendly control. Control everything from your smartphone or the control panel. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!.

• Never miss out on an important moment

You know those moments where you are elbows deep (emotionally, of course) in your favourite movie and the kids arrive home and start asking all manner of questions? Or maybe a visitor arrives on your doorstep and rings the bell. Maybe someone is bellowing for you from another room in the home. Do you know that feeling of frustration? Now, imagine never having that feeling again! Control4 can do that for you (and your home theatre system). When you link your Control4 system to surveillance cameras, you can see who is at the door, use the Intercom Anywhere app to talk to someone in another room, and pause your movie instantly with a mere mention/request to the system. Home entertainment that’s not easily interrupted is the dream and Control4 makes it happen. 

Stop Making Excuses for Your Old Outdated Home Entertainment Setup

If you have been hanging onto your old and outdated home entertainment system for some time now, it’s time to let go. Set it free. Get the latest AV gear, implement Control4, link all the components, and enjoy a home theatre and home entertainment setup that you will love. 
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