Product Review

Klipsch Reference R-610F floorstanding speakers a 4-star review

" ...the big, bulky and blackfloorstander from the company’sentry-level ‘R’ lineup isn’t the kind ofspeaker that dissolves into the décor. And, sans grille, the spun copperfinish of its mid/bass driver is arguablyeven more eye catching than MonitorAudio’s three-driver orange array."
"The tweeter’s so-calledLinear Travel Suspension uses Kapton,an extremely light and rigid materialclaimed to improve resolution anddetail. A matching horn-shaped bassreflex port on the rear claims morepowerful low end with reduced portnoise and distortion."
"It isn’t hard to appreciate why theKlipsch sound has such a loyalfollowing. It may not be the smoothestor most refined, but that’s kind ofthe point."
"The key word here is ‘life’, which theKlipsch grants the track in spades. No,it isn’t a speaker that feels entirelycomfortable with Krall or Wright,though that palpable, in-the-roomquality has its moments."
"Rather, theR-610F is determined, dynamic anddangerous to know, and there aresome definite upsides to that."