Product Review

The Denon CEOL Piccolo receives 4.5 stars from Pocket-lint.

Pocket-lint, the largest independent gadget news and reviews site in the UK with 3.5 million unique veiwers monthly has done a great review on the Denon CEOL Piccolo. Please click here to read the review.

Monitor Audio’s Mass – Best Home Cinema Choice

Click on the link below to read a review of monitor Audio’s MASS system in the latest (Feb 2013) of Home Cinema Choice.

Rotel RA-10 What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision – Group test winner

“With an elegant dip to the tape, it’s the Rotel RA-10 that takes budget-amp gold. At this price, it really has no business being this good.”

Denon AVR-3313 & DBT-3313 review in Home Cinema Choice January 2013 issueD

“…I was quickly revelling in the Denon duo’s pace and sheer passion for delivering thrills. The performance of this £2,000 ensemble is inspired.”


The Denon CEOL Piccolo gets 5 STAR FIRST TEST REVIEW in the new March 2013 issue of WHAT HI-FI SOUND AND VISION magazine.

Rotel RSP-1572 Sound + Vision review

Rotel RSP-1572 has just received a fantastic review in Sound + Vision. Some of the highlights of the review

DENON AVR-4520 awarded with REFERENCE STATUS by Home Cinema Choice

Attached is the 4-page review of the DENON AVR-4520 flagship AV Receiver by Richard Stevenson in the March issue of HOME CINEMA CHOICE magazine.

Monitor Audio wins What HIFI Awards Again!

Homemation is pleased to announce that Monitor Audio’s new MASS 5.1 system picked up the What Hifi Award for ‘Best Style Package’ under £1000! In addition, the Bronze BX2 has picked up ‘Best Speaker Under £350' for the third year in a row.

Klipsch Reference R-610F floorstanding speakers a 4-star review

" ...the big, bulky and blackfloorstander from the company’sentry-level ‘R’ lineup isn’t the kind ofspeaker that dissolves into the décor. And, sans grille, the spun copperfinish of its mid/bass driver is arguablyeven more eye catching than MonitorAudio’s three-driver orange array."
"The tweeter’s so-calledLinear Travel Suspension uses Kapton,an extremely light and rigid materialclaimed to improve resolution anddetail. A matching horn-shaped bassreflex port on the rear claims morepowerful low end with reduced portnoise and distortion."
"It isn’t hard to appreciate why theKlipsch sound has such a loyalfollowing. It may not be the smoothestor most refined, but that’s kind ofthe point."
"The key word here is ‘life’, which theKlipsch grants the track in spades. No,it isn’t a speaker that feels entirelycomfortable with Krall or Wright,though that palpable, in-the-roomquality has its moments."
"Rather, theR-610F is determined, dynamic anddangerous to know, and there aresome definite upsides to that."