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We all have a favourite line, from a favourite movie.

Recreate the big screen experience in the comfort of your own home. Feel the thunder of a dinosaur’s footprint. Duck as Dolby’s new ATMOS format makes a helicopter explode above your head.

From our mind-blowing flagship Steinway Lyngdorf systems, to our more discrete “bedroom friendly” active soundbars- we have the right products to bring your movies to life, no matter where in your home.

Ever heard of motion flow technology? Welcome to the real 4th dimension! With Dbox motion flow we can turn your living room couches into Harry Potter’s Firebolt broomstick or the Batmobile. Imagine your chair moving to the action of a Fast and the Furious car chase or even flying the dragons of Avatar.

Control4 home automation takes your movie watching to a whole new level! By integrating products and services into one seamless, awe-inspiring experience. Start the movie, dim the lights and set the temperature with the touch of one button.

Relive your favourite live concerts right in the comfort of your own living room.

Audio Systems

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Let me entertain you!

Is your music trapped inside your computer or your phone? Or on some 5 inch silver discs that your kids think are “quaint”? From WiFi to HiFi, your favourite music is always just a beat away. In any room, at any time.

Our latest audio streaming products don’t limit you to one room either, play your entire music (or movie) collection from multiple formats and multiple sources, including FM radio, internet radio, streaming music services, your iPod, DSTV, a network hard drive or computer in any room in the house, all at the touch of a button.

Whether you are a cutting edge computer “geek” or an old-school rocker, HEOS by Denon, Russound, Rotel and Control4 have got all your bases covered.

From WiFi to HiFi, your favorite music is always just a beat away. In Any Room.

Mobile Audio

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Whether you are cruising at 30000ft, sipping Mai Tai’s on the beach or working out, we have the products to make sure you are never far from the music. From noise cancelling headphones to the latest Bluetooth speakers and streaming products, we have all your mobile needs covered.



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Heating and cooling your home can be expensive—especially if your HVAC system is cranking when it doesn’t need to be. Let your smart home orchestrate the proper set of functions to ensure optimal temperature efficiently. Shades raise or lower based on time of day, fans can turn on and off to help circulate air, and the AC or heat can turn on just before you arrive home, welcoming you back with the perfect temperature.

Adjust your shades, conserve energy, pump the aircon or start up the fireplace with a single touch of a button.


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Control4 offers a full array of elegant lighting options for homes, large or small, whether under construction or hundreds of years old. Accent your home’s design with stylish lighting, make it more energy efficient, safe and secure, and leverage the magic of automation by integrating smart lighting. Integrate lighting control into your daily life, whether it’s setting a scene to watch a movie or the perfect setting to host a dinner party.

Enjoy the ability to customise and add one-touch lighting scenes whenever the mood strikes, right from a Control4 Touch Screen.

  • Control the light and shade levels in a single room or throughout your whole home.
  • Activate dimmed lighting from ceiling fixtures, and trigger pendant and track lighting for a perfect entertaining atmosphere, every time.
  • Customised “Movie” and “Music” buttons can be used for instant entertainment. One press dims the lights, lowers the shades, and selects the correct A/V inputs to commence the movie of your choice.
  • Turn off all lights in the house while ensuring exterior lights remain on with a press of a “Goodnight” button.

is a bright idea.


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A little peace of mind goes a long way. Protect your home or business by integrating smart locks, lighting, sensors, security cameras, network video recorders, security panels and monitoring systems with a Control4 automation system so you can keep a virtual “eye” on your house 24x7. With Control4 solutions, it’s easy to check in on home from anywhere in the world- right from your smartphone. View live security camera footage straight from your mobile device while remotely connecting and commanding your home, from virtually anywhere.

With a touch of a button- on a touch screen, keypad, and even your tablet- every door in the home is securely bolted. You can even assign temporary security codes for deliveries and service workers. Provide your kids or family members with unique codes and you can get text alerts when they are coming and going. And on those days when nothing goes right, it’s easy to let yourself in when you forget your keys.

Your Control4 smart home can also be programmed to respond to “actions” identified by the security camera or sensor to keep your treasures safe and secure. Get a text alert when someone approaches the door. If a door opens after midnight, have lights flash and alarms sound to ward off would-be intruders.

Studies show that burglars are much less likely to enter homes that are occupied. You can create realistic “Mockupancy” scenes that programme interior and exterior lights throughout the house to turn on and off—just as they would if you were really home. Would-be intruders move on thinking your home is occupied and off limits.

We have your security under Control.

Audio with Aesthetic Appeal

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We ensure that equipment in your home need not be an eye sore! Conceal your equipment in a central location out of sight, as the technology allows you to interact with your home via your iPad, the rest automatically takes care of itself. Make use of trimless in-ceiling or in-wall speakers or subwoofers, conserving space and creating aesthetic appeal. Speakers disguised as works of art provides the elusive blend of superior sound and décor that all style-conscious home entertainment lovers seek. And when you absolutely have to use a conventional speaker, we can offer you rare real wood veneers and the same leather Bentley uses, to trim your dashboard.

The latest flat screen TV’s look amazing, but when not in use they are still big black squares. Have your television fold into your roof or under your bed with our state of the art TV lifts and preserve your ocean view.

These framed works of art are functional too. Speakers to suit your lifestyle.

Smart Home

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Home Automation solutions for everyone. It’s better living.

Control4 offers the ultimate smart home automation solution by making the electronic components and systems you already use on a daily basis work together, seamlessly. By integrating everything from lighting, music, video, climate control, security—even smartphones and tablets—Control4 creates personalised experiences that enhance your life and work with added comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind.

Heading to the beach house for the weekend? While you’re sitting in traffic, you can turn on the A/C, crank up the hot-tub temperature and check the weather on the IP cameras.

If your water heater sprang a leak, you don’t need to come home to a basement full of water; your system will send you an email or text alert that the water sensor has been triggered so you can stop the flow before it becomes a flood.

It’s Tuesday after school and you get a text from your daughter: She forgot her house key, again. Just sign in to your system from your iPhone, iPad or internet device and unlock the door for her.

Turn the whole house off in one touch with a “Good Night” scene, some lights can go completely off while the kids’ dim to 10%.

With energy costs soaring, go green and programme your shades and thermostat to automatically adjust for maximum energy efficiency based on the seasons, time of day or outside temperature. Kids left their bedroom lights on again? Use dimmers, timers and occupancy sensors to reduce energy waste and turn lights off automatically when rooms are unoccupied.

Programme your pool, geyser and sprinkler systems to source water only during energy-efficient windows.

Start small by automating just your family room or home theater. Or go big with whole-home automation. Control4 is built to grow as you go. No matter what the application, the experience is unforgettable and you'll wonder how you ever lived without home automation.