• Wireless via Velodyne’s WiConnect System
• 0.5 W Stand-By Compliance
• Common amplier platform
• Maximum output and impact
• Superior digital performance
• Extended excursion drivers
• Ecient green digital ampliers
• Digital distortion limiting system
• Four one-touch listening presets
• One-touch Auto-EQ room bass correction
• Instantaneous front-panel feedback
• Front-ring driver with down-ring ported cabinet
• Flexible low-pass crossover
• Remote control

Room Bass Maximisation Made Easy
You’ll get incredible output, maximum impact, and deep bass performance from the Wi-Q no matter where you place it. Just choose your preferred location, set the included microphone in your favorite seating position, push the EQ button on the remote, and let the digitally controlled ve-band equalizer automatically adjust your subwoofer for great sounding bass.