Control4's recent home automation project in South Africa should certainly be making headlines and those headlines should read "Control4 Brings Auto Magic to Local SA Home"! At Homemation, we couldn't be more proud of this particular brand that we have had absolute faith in right from the start. Of course, Control4 didn't do it alone. They combined their technologically advanced products and systems with the services of industry-leading home integrated technology specialists at BNC Technology. What were the results? Quite obviously, a fully automated futuristic home that certainly puts others to shame in SA.

Of course, the family living in the home had an automated system before, but it simply wasn't living up to the demands and expectations of their busy lifestyles. The only solution was to get in touch with industry professionals and get to work retrofitting their already gorgeous home with a fully automated, integrated and somewhat customised system. The marriage of BNC Technology's exceptional architectural design and Control4's technology is certainly a successful one!

What changes were incorporated into the home to make it a luxurious oasis for the whole family to enjoy? Remote controls for each and every television were installed along with touchscreens at all high-traffic areas. With over 70 shades in the home, you would think that it would be challenging to integrate them into the new system, but the Control4 product range made light work of this. The result: simple and effective control of all the home's shades, from any of the linked up interfaces.

The lighting system also received a makeover and while a bit of extra wiring was needed, full functionality that's easily accessible via various platforms linked to the system, was quickly made possible. In an 8 000 square foot home, you can understand why a smart lighting system is beneficial. Of course, the team's efficiency and understanding of the Control4 product was/is paramount in such a seamless setup.

When asked what they loved most about the system, the family quite quickly stated that the Scenes feature certainly simplified their lives. Just one press of a button and you can set the scene or activate any in-home service.

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