The HEOS HomeCinema upgrades TV Sound with Amazing HEOS Hi-Fi Sound, your favourite TV shows and movies sound incredibly better with this wireless soundbar with subwoofer.

Thanks to the included wireless subwoofer, HEOS HomeCinema delivers true high fidelity sound with any type of network music as well as a thrilling listening experience for movies. The wireless soundbar features dual 2-inch by 5-inch precision drivers that reproduce the upper bass and midrange audio, delivering clear audio especially in the vocal range. There are also dual 20mm dome tweeters that reproduce the entire treble range, with response extending to 20 kHz.

The unit provides a HDMI input and output (with TV audio return channel) as well as Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS decoders. Thanks to the HEOS App control and TV remote learning function, the setup and operation are easy.

Users’ favourite movies and music will come alive with built-in Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, and listeners can enjoy enveloping surround sound thanks to Denon's exclusive Virtual Surround processing, which uses advanced psychoacoustic algorithms that simulate the surround sound of a multi-channel home theater speaker system. Dolby Digital Plus lets you enjoy 5.1-based sound from leading video online services for premium content.

The matching wireless HEOS HomeCinema subwoofer features dual 5¼-inch woofers that work in tandem to deliver the authoritative deep bass found in today's movie and music soundtracks for distortion-free bass at any listening level. The level can be easily controlled via the HEOS app. The compact subwoofer can be placed horizontally or vertically for the widest range of installation options. 

The renowned HEIMKINO calls it “outstanding” with a great mark of 1,1 and a “Praxistipp” award in addition.

“Expanding the HEOS family with the HomeCinema soundbar is a great decision […] so that you will have difficulties to find a soundbar that is better equipped than this one.”

“While playing blu-ray the set reveals a really striking bass that drily gives any action sequence the desired impact.”

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