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Rotel RCX1500 Stereo CD Receiver (Black)

Rotel RCX1500 Stereo CD Receiver (Black)




Rotel RCX1500 Stereo CD Receiver (Black)

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Retail: R 30 390.00


The RCX-1500 CD player is the most versatile component we’ve ever offered. Although it is an “all in one” model, compromise is not part of the design. In fact, the RCX-1500 has been engineered using components that you would find in more expensive separates. The DAC is the high-performance Wolfson with 24 bit / 192kHz decoding. The amplifier uses our innovative Class D design that is highly efficient, runs cooler than older A/B designs and provides plenty of voltage and current to easily drive lower impedance speakers down to 4 ohms. With 100 watts per channel available, feel free to hook up large floor-standing loudspeakers to the RCX-1500. The RCX-1500 is also a very high quality CD player, based on our outstanding RCD-1520.